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‘The Bone Bearer’ is the third and final instalment in the Telesa series. It is a long-awaited conclusion to the story of Leila Folger and her adventures in the Pacific Islands.



After the fight with Sarona, Leila is taken to the hospital in Samoa. Everyone is happy and relieved when she finally wakes up from a coma. But their joy doesn’t last long. The sweet girl they all knew before the accident now seems to be a completely different person who cannot recognize her boyfriend, friends, or relatives.

Shocked and confused Daniel finds out that Leila’s body has been possessed by Pele, the great Fire Goddess. He chooses, yet again, to fight for the one he loves. To do this, he needs only one thing – the Tangaloa Bone necklace. But he is not the only person who tries to recover the three pieces of this ancient weapon. As Pele’s awakening caused quite a stir among Telesa guardians from the Pacific region, they’ve all decided to join forces and protect their beloved islands. And what is more, they are not willing to give up at any cost.

Knowing this, Daniel puts together a team made up not only of his friends, but also of his enemies. Along with Simone, Keahi, Lesina, Teuila, and Talei, he starts the race to save his girlfriend. But in order to win, they all need to overcome their differences and work as a group. And this only seems like an easy task.


Let me start by saying that this book is definitely different from its predecessors. First of all, it is not written from Leila’s point of view. There are parts with the first-person narration, where you get to know certain characters’ thoughts, but they are quite rare. Instead, Lani Wendt Young chose to serve as an unseen voice that slowly unfolds the entire story. Mixing the narrative perspective was definitely a great idea as it added a little bit of mystery and made the whole thing even more interesting.

Second of all, in this last instalment of the series Polynesian mythology is a dominant element. The novel explores all the legends in much more depth than the previous books. Right from the start you are taken on a wonderful journey to the magical world of Telesa. A very captivating (and long) prologue gives you some background on Pele’s life, unraveling the secrets of her soul. You learn why she behaves in certain ways and why she makes certain choices. You understand more and thus can fully enjoy this amazing tale.

Another great thing is the fact that this book introduces some new characters but at the same time explores the ones you already know. You discover a different side of Keahi (who eventually turns out to be a really good man), Lesina, and Teuila. And of course you cannot forget about Simone – brilliant as always.

At this point I should mention that you may be disappointed if you expect to find some more interaction between Leila and Daniel. Except for the very romantic ending, there is no place for amorousness here! But this is probably a good thing as it brings quite a bit of diversity to the whole trilogy.

Of course, the novel is a pleasure to read. Vivid descriptions are second to none. Again, you’re almost able to see the scenery, and you feel as if you were really there – on the beautiful islands of Samoa, where people are nice, food is delicious, and everything around is just breathtaking.

If I were to sum the Telesa series up, I would say it is absolutely fantastic. A great concept was turned into a truly unique tale of love, commitment, and friendship. It is not your ordinary paranormal romance with vampires, fairies, or werewolves. It is so much more as it brings back the Polynesian mythology and the forgotten world of the fierce Earth Guardians. Every single book in this trilogy is just excellent: well-written, captivating, thought-provoking (!), and full of Samoan culture. Highly recommended for people who would like to read a good piece of literature!