‘Call it Courage’ by Armstrong Sperry

This beautiful novel tells the story of Mafatu, a teenage boy who sets out on a journey in order to overcome his great fear of the sea. As he confronts different obstacles, he realizes that he has enough strength to cope with the challenges of life.

Fantastically written, the book is an inspiring read for boys and girls alike. Its immensely interesting plot takes children on a wonderful voyage to the South Seas, giving them a chance to discover their own potential.

‘Sirena: A Mermaid Legend from Guam’ by Tanya Taimanglo

Sirena is a young Chamorro girl who has a deep love for nature. She spends her time in the sparkling waters of a nearby river, often neglecting the household chores. Her harmonious life changes when she is cursed by her own mother.

This is the most amazing tale, especially for girls. Not only does it teach young readers a valuable lesson, but also gives them an opportunity to get to know the traditional legend from the island of Guam. The book itself is a real beauty – with all the marvelous illustrations, it’s something anyone will cherish for life.

Niuhi Shark Saga by Lehua Parker

The books are focused on a boy named Zader, who was found abandoned on a reef and adopted by the Westin family. His life in Lauele Town, Hawaii, is not a peaceful one and there are secrets just waiting to be discovered.

The saga is a five-volume series. ‘One Boy, No Water’ and ‘One Shark, No Swim’ have already been published; the third one is due out this year. The story is so engaging and compelling, that it’s really hard to put the books down. Zader’s adventures will easily capture any child’s interest and imagination, transporting them into a new world, where magic is mixed with reality. Perfect especially for boys, but girls may love it too.

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  1. So wonderful to be included. Thank you! Si Yu’os Ma’ase! Tanya Taimanglo

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