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‘Sniff’ is the second title in Lehua Parker’s Lauele Town Series. It’s a short tale that revolves around a Hawaiian boy and his hidden, closely guarded secret.



A young resident of Lauele Town, Kona Inoye, has a problem he cannot tell anyone about. Neither his parents nor his friends appear to have any idea that there is something under the boy’s bed. Something that craves sweet, clean, and nice-smelling things.

Kona does his best to deal with the difficult situation. But it’s not always easy, especially when mama tells him to bathe and put on fresh clothes. The boy knows that this time simply eating onions may not be enough to…survive.


According to the official definition, a book series comprises publications that share a common theme, settings, or set of characters. So, let’s see what we can say about the Lauele Town Stories. Common theme? No. Common settings? Yes. Common set of characters? Well, yes and no. Is it a book series then? It is. A very interesting one. Lehua Parker certainly knows how to draw readers attention. Whenever you reach for one of her tales, you aren’t quite sure what to expect.

Apart from being set in the same fictional Hawaiian town, the narratives show no other similarities. ‘Birth’ is a wonderful novella that provides the background to Zader’s story, giving you a little more information regarding the characters you might know from the famous Niuhi Shark Saga. In ‘Sniff’ everything is new. New but just as unusual. The protagonist, Robert Konahele Inoye, appears to be an ordinary boy who leaves dirty socks on the floor, hates making his bed, and steals Oreo cookies from the kitchen cupboard. However, as you read through the pages, his chilling secret slowly unravels and you realize this tale goes deeper than you might have initially thought.

But how ‘serious’ can a story about some beast hiding under a child’s bed be? Well, Lehua Parker’s book proves that this rather common theme isn’t reserved for children’s or young adult literature only. Rich in symbolism, which will be actually more evident to mature readers than adolescents, ‘Sniff’ is quite thought-provoking. Somewhere between the lines the author camouflaged questions worth pondering on. How far will a person go to protect their family? Are even the most unbelievable things always a figment of somebody’s imagination? What happens when they turn out to be real? The ending of this tale is your answer. And, let me tell you, it’s an answer you wish you’d never got.

Of course, the fact that the story has a hidden message doesn’t make it any less entertaining overall. It’s still a delightful, humorous (at times hysterically funny) read that will keep you riveted from the very beginning. Exactly like ‘Birth’, this title also contains two versions of the narrative. The first one is written in Standard American English, the second is adorned with Hawaiian-style expressions and Pidgin words. If you are familiar with these, you know which version you should opt for.

I must admit I am truly impressed with Lehua Parker works. She is an extremely talented writer with a head full of bewitching ideas. She never fails to deliver a good story. And when it comes to ‘Sniff’… Well, if you like mysteries or are curious what can be found under a piece of furniture, treat yourself to this tale. It can be downloaded – for free – from the author’s website. Engaging, amusing, and intriguing at the same time, it is a wonderful book for children and adults alike.