Tanya Taimanglo

Tanya Taimanglo is one of the best-known Chamorro authors. Although she’s been living in the US for quite a long time now, her love for Guam can be easily noticed in all of her works.

A versatile writer, Tanya pens books for children, the most amazing and thought-provoking short stories, and marvelously good novels. Her exceptional writing skills, wit and wisdom, as well as gentle sense of humour make every title a true pleasure to read.

Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner

Those who are interested in climate change has probably already heard Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner’s moving poem ‘Dear Matafele Peinem’, which she recited during the opening of the 2014 UN Climate Summit. And this is only one of many incredible pieces this talented Marshallese artist has created.

Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner is a poet, writer, performer, and journalist. Her poems are more like stories than anything else – poignant, straightforward, focused on raising awareness about some of the most important issues. They’re deeply touching when read. When declaimed by the author… It cannot be described. It must be felt.

John Saunana

John Saunana was a great poet and novelist from Solomon Islands, whose books – most notably his fictional story that depicts the country’s colonial past – are one of the best works in Melanesian literature.

The author wrote only one novel, which is very unfortunate considering the enormous talent he had. ‘The Alternative’ is therefore a must-read and virtually the only way to get acquainted with John Saunana’s genius.

Sia Figiel

Sia Figiel is unquestionably one of the most acclaimed female novelists from the Pacific Islands. This woman of great insight and even greater talent is, much like Albert Wendt, synonymous with Samoan literature.

In her books, Sia Figiel focuses on culturally important themes, which are gracefully wrapped in her beautiful, poetic prose. She delights, amazes, provokes. She entertains and moves. She captivates. But most of all, she leaves no one indifferent.

Lehua Parker

The one name that immediately comes to mind when one thinks about Children and Young Adult Pacific Literature is, of course, Lehua Parker. Indeed, she is most famous for her excellent Niuhi Shark Saga. However, and this is something you might not know, she also writes (equally excellent) stories for a little bit older readers.

All of Lehua Parker’s tales are set in Hawaii and ooze that mysterious Hawaiian charm. With each page you get to know the incredibly fascinating culture of the archipelago slightly better, you understand more, and you discover the world you may not have realized existed. Young or old, this author has something for everyone!


  1. So happy to have found your blog, and will be back to check out some of the information. All the best.

  2. Honored to be on this list. Thank you!

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