‘Tales of the South Pacific’ by James A. Michener

When you think of the South Seas genre, you must think of James A. Michener. His ‘Tales of the South Pacific’ – a Pulitzer Prize-winning classic – is a masterpiece every Pasifika lover should read.

In this compilation of loosely connected vignettes the author takes readers to the war-torn Pacific region, where he shares the life stories of various people. Despite all the dramatic occurrences, they search for love and try to find joy in the smallest things.

It’s always risky when a writer combines such different themes as war, death, love, and romance. It’s even riskier when he adds to that a little bit of paradise. Such book may turn out to be either a disaster or a true gem. Michener’s title is a gem; something you will most probably want to come back to again and again.

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